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   Why Autobiography?


Write Your Own Biography!
How would you like to leave a lasting legacy for your children and your children's children?  It's a lot easier than you might think!  With our recent project, The Complete Biography Workbook with two templates, you can put your life story on paper!  Share a lifetime's worth of treasured memories and experiences with your loved ones by writing your own biography!
The Complete Biography Workbook with two templates gives you all the tools you need to organize, compose, and publish a thoughtful, entertaining biography. The Workbook contains:

  • The Classic Template
  • The Nouveau Template
  • Genealogy Made Easy
  • The Life Questionnaire
  • The Illustration Guide
  • You and Your Editor
  • Designing Your Book:  Inside and Out
  • Working with Your Publisher

For you, for a loved one. 
Now is so much better than later.

Cost:  $48.50, plus shipping.
To order, please call us at 941-706-2463, Monday through Friday, 9-5 EST.